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ThinkYoung Blockchain Technology Framework

Multi-digit Asset Issuance Patented Smart Engine High Performance of Public and Private Chains, Customizable
Scalable Component Model Convenient for Centralized Application Development
Application Layer
Multi-asset Support

A Variety of Different Types of Assets

Allowable Exchange between Assets

Reliable and Safe Performance

Smart Contract

Efficient VM Engine

Easy-to-use Development Language

Flexible and Plentiful Interfaces

Performance Components

Excellent Transactions Performance

E-commerce Level Transaction Rate

High-efficiency Consensus Algorithm

NAT Multiple Addresses

Single Key Multiple Addresses

Support for Centralized Apps

Flexible Expansion Methods

Monitoring Platform

Omni-directional Data Monitoring

Visualized Display Platform

Various Data Interfaces

Protocol Layer
Variable Consensus Mechanism
Embedded Storage Solution
Efficient Collaborative Distribution Algorithm
Account Management

Digital Asset Publishing Solutions

·A Variety of Assets

A variety of different assets are supported on the same Blockchain, including stocks, securities, credits and so on

·Multiple Issuances

Multiple parties are allowed to issue their assets separately on the same Blockchain

·Assets Opening-up

Different assets can be opened up and exchanged between each other

·Free Circulation

Blockchain participants can freely trade different assets on and under the chain

ThinkYoung Smart Contract Platform

·Visual environment, easy to develop

Visualized development environment, easy-to-use operations

·Sandbox mechanism, convenient testing

Full-featured simulator which can be reset at any time, with efficiency improved and costs reduced

·Event triggering, free to expand

Establish the data communication mechanism on and under the chain, so that to make the contract "smart" up

·Glua language, easy to use

Simple and efficient, flexible grammar, master in two days, and become proficient in one week

Supply-chain finance

·Sharing mechanism, establishment of trust

Data sharing, multi-party certification, credential fidelity, establishment of trust

·Each takes what it needs, multiple win-win situations

Flexible account period for core enterprises, capital flows for small & medium-sized enterprises, access to credit for financial institutions

·Convenient circulation, credit transmission

Let credit generate values, create benefits due to circulation

·Highly integrated, safe and stable

Combination of public chain and private chain (alliance chain), flexible and reliable

Publicity notarization platform

·Once storage, sustainable existence

Once data is saved on the chain, it can be backed up in many ways and persisted forever

·It can not be tampered, with strong notarization

Multi-party consensus, illegal tampering is prevented, evidence access, safe and reliable

·Privacy protection, safe and reliable

Data can be viewed by related personnel, and hidden for unrelated personnel

· Public and private chains join hands, multiple chains collaborate

Public chain and private chain (alliance chain) are combined, flexible and reliable

Multi-credit shared value-added platform

· Credit enquiry sharing, multi-party benefits

Member units can share the credit enquiry data, borrow data, and also lend profits

·Less investment, more return

Flexible mechanism, each member can obtain the return far beyond the input

·Data isolation, safe and reliable

Hash value is saved on the chain, the real data is not lost

· Institutional credit, dynamic adjustment

Credit rating according to the institutional sharing, saved into ecological health

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